Request Data, Reports, and Publications

Data and research in the IAYG family is for the public good. We are committed to employing open data to ensure that the entire humanitarian community can benefit from data that moves the conversation on youth empowerment forward.

To make a request, please enter the IAYG family Data Type Identification Code (IAYG DTIC), Report/Publication Number, or the name of the publication/data requested into the form below. Data requests are automatically processed in 24 hours and your request will be sent to your email address. 

Open Data

The IAYG family is committed to open data because we believe that high-quality, trusted data in the hands of societal actors drives action. As one of the world’s most influential institutions advancing global opportunity for children and youth and elevating the place of young people in societies, we recognize the importance of providing data and resources for humanitarian partners and the entire international development community. Our commitment to Open Data is governed by the Directive on Transparency and Open Data (DiTOD). Learn more