Data for Action

The IAYG family is committed to research that drives results. The IAYG family’s worldwide data and research operations, conducted in close collaboration with the IAYG family’s research alliances and partner institutions, drive action and commitments to expanding global opportunity for young people. We collect data and conduct research relating to global opportunity, access to global education, child participation, and opportunities for youth leadership based on one singular goal: to improve outcomes for children and youth everywhere.

About the Office for Research and Data-Driven Development

The Office for Research and Data-Driven Development (ORD) is the IAYG family’s leading institution-wide organizing body for research and the collection of data related to global education, opportunity, and engagement of children and youth. Our research and data initiatives are always focused on advancing progress for young people, and the output of research and data across the IAYG family is intended to support the entire humanitarian community.